5 – 18+ Years Old

At Kim Chang Piano Studio in Edmonton, pupils will be taught to govern the posture, phonology, pulse and personality. Effective use of 5 fingers to gain independence together with quality tone production will be well emphasized at this stage. These fundamental principles will be taught in tandem  with the following:

  •  hearing the ‘inner sound’, focused on playing with the best tone quality before a  key is struck, play it and evaluate the sound
  •  discussing performance issues like tempos, ornamentations, fingerings,  phrasings, pedaling, stylistic aspects of the composers and era including  communication through the personal insight of the music and instrument
  •  develop the economical of movement with efficiency use of technique and  fingerings which encompasses the whole body besides the fingers and arms
  •  promoting intelligent practice outside the piano lessons and addressing practice  methodology

I also encourage student to do some projects at home such as:

  • Listen to music on Soundcloud or YouTube and make commentaries based on their listening observations
  • Reading up on a composers that they are currently learning or interested to learn about
  • Research on the genre and historical perspectives


I teach solely to impart my skills, knowledge, cultivate learning and music appreciation as an enjoyable experience.

The exam can be a benchmark to measure level of attainment but not compulsory.

I do not confine my teaching to learn only classical repertoires, I also teach jazz, classical style pop songs and contemporary music.

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