About Kim

Kim Chang is the founder of Kim Chang Piano Studio and an active independent piano teacher who runs successful piano lessons based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She previously taught for 11 years in London, UK prior to relocating herself to Edmonton in 2011. Her fundamental music training specializing in Performing Studies was obtained in the UK. Presently, at her Edmonton Piano Studio, her youngest pupil is 5 years old and the oldest is 74.

She creates this site because she is compelled to inspire and share her insights, knowledge and experience with pianists, piano teachers, parents, piano students and all the music aficionados.

Kim obtained her first Associate Diploma of Music (A. Mus.A), Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) at the age of 16 from Melbourne University. At 19, she was awarded a music scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Music (BMus, Hons) in one of the world’s renowned music conservatoires, Trinity College of Music, (TCM) London, UK.  Her outstanding achievement led her further received the Trinity College Trust Fund to study a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) under the tutelage of Canadian Pianist and Composer, Douglas Finch, Former Head of Keyboard from TCM and also an alumnus of Juilliard School Conservatory, New York.

Since she left the college, she continued to undertake professional development course to obtain the Licentiate Royal School of Music (LRSM) in Performing Studies with one of the Britain’s distinctive pianist, Julian Jacobson, Former Head of Keyboard from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama as well as the late, Peter Element, who was a notable Classical Pianist, Professor of Pianoforte at the Royal College of Music and was awarded a Fellowship of the College by the Queen Mother in the 1980s.

Kim provides piano lessons to students of  all musical abilities, levels and ages in Edmonton in a conducive environment. Additional engagements to support learning are being encouraged to directly involved in listening to recordings, attending recitals, musical analysis and journal writing. Her belief is that the standard teaching model in most conventional music studios are antiquated. Her approach is to ensure students have a positive learning experience and take ownership of their own practice without feeling like tedious chores. She is also very intuitive at resolving any issues that may arise in the studetns’ work at any given time. Her role as a piano teacher also developed her to to be a facilitator, mentor, coach and consultant to students when it is applicable.

Currently, she continuously researching and evaluating a broad spectrum of teaching pedagogy and methology with the world leading educational composers and esteemed pianists that support the excellence in teaching and learning experience.

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