Hysterical Franz Liszt

When Liszt (1811 - 1866) played the piano, ladies flung their jewels on stage instead of bouquets. They rushed madly to the stage to fish out the stub of cigar that Liszt smoked and the ladies who recovered them carried them in their bosom to the day she died. Other ladies came away with priceless... Continue Reading →

Treatment of Tempo Rubato in Chopin

Chopin detested  public appearances, and thus he would seldom make appearances outside of the salons. He was fading away due to the onset of his tuberculosis, and his physical strength weakened  to the point that he was unable to play forte. He came to compensate for this weakness by using pianissimo with an infinite degree... Continue Reading →

The Father of the Poet

Chopin (1810 – 1849) was a slender, refined looking man, not weighing more than a hundred  pounds, with a prominent nose, brown eyes and a pale complexion with beautiful hands. He was a snob but also a social butterfly. He dressed in the latest fashions, had a precise mind and manner,  and could also be... Continue Reading →

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