Early Years

Early Development Instrument (EDI) collected data that shows a child’s ability to learn and thrive when they enter school is strongly influenced by the brain development that takes place in the early years. The EDI assesses a child’s school readiness in five general domains of child development:

  1. Physical health and well-being
  2. Social competence
  3. Emotional Maturity
  4. Language and Cognitive Development and
  5. Communication skills and general knowledge

At Kim Chang Piano Studio in Edmonton, I provide a very supportive and encouraging environment for the early years learning. Lessons are scheduled at 45 mins on a weekly basis. A child is given the following approaches during the lesson:

  • Listening, singing and clapping which also includes drawing a shape for what was heard – ‘sound before symbol’ approach
  • Identifying musical signs and symbols
  • Associating storytelling to identify notes

Parents are encouraged to accompany the child in the lessons so to be engaged with the child’s learning and development.

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